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Commonly Requested Female Sexual Dysfunction & Libido Compounding Ideas


During peri-menopause and menopause, vaginal atrophy and sexual dysfunction are often reported as problematic. Untreated vaginal atrophy can lead to painful sex and low desire. We recognize that sexual dysfunction can be caused by other causes, and a thorough evaluation needs to be done to determine if hormones or other therapies may be of benefit. Currently, there are not any FDA approved treatments for women for sexual dysfunction. Treating vaginal atrophy can include both hormone and hormone free treatment options. The chart lists active ingredients that can be used to treat vaginal atrophy and sexual dysfunction. Some information listed is anecdotal, however worthy of mention. 

Testosterone, dehydroeipandrosterone and sildenafil have been studied in women for sexual dysfunction; however there are no products currently on the market for women. Often compounds for sexual dysfunction will contain several actives, designed to increase nitric oxide for vasodilation in genital tissue. Many over-the- counter products designed for women contain menthol, niacin or arginine. As compounds, many practitioners will add niacin or arginine to topical creams containing sildenafil and/or testosterone. 






Formula # 10879 Papaverine HCl 0.1%/Arginine 6% Topical Lipoderm®

Formula # 9300 Papaverine HCl 5%/Arginine HCl 6% Topical Cream VersaBase®)

Formula # 9298 Sildenafil 1%/Testosterone 0.1% Topical Cream (VersaBase®)

Formula # 9294 Sildenafil 2%/Aminophylline 3%/Arginine HCl 6% Topical Cream (VersaBase®)

Formula # 9296 Aminophylline 3%/Arginine HCl 6%/Ergoloid Mesylates 0.05%/ Pentoxifylline 5% Topical Crea(VersaBase®)

Formula # 9295 Sildenafil 1%/Arginine HCl 11.7%/Naltrexone HCl 0.817% Topical Cream (VersaBase®)

Formula # 9297 Nifedipine 0.2%/Arginine HCl 6%/Aminophylline 3% Compound Topical Cream (VersaBase®)

Formula # 5232 Aminophylline 3%/Arginine HCl 6% Topical Cream

Formula # 4932 Sildenafil 1% Topical Cream

Formula # 6504 Testosterone 1% Topical Cream

Formula # 9299 Dehydroepiandrosterone 15 mg/0.25 mL Topical Cream (VersaBase®)

Formula # 9897 Dehydroepiandrosterone 13 mg Base MBK Vaginal Suppository (Medium Shell Mold)

Formula # 9895 Dehydroepiandrosterone 3.25 mg Base MBK Vaginal Suppository (Medium Shell Mold)

Formula # 9896 Dehydroepiandrosterone 6.5 mg Base MBK Vaginal Suppository (Medium Shell Mold)

Formula # 9914 Oxytocin 20 units/Gm Vaginal Cream

Formula # 9915 Oxytocin 40 units/Gm Vaginal Cream



Vaginal Dryness/Vaginal Atrophy

Formula # 9911 Hyaluronic Acid Sodium 5 mg/Gm Compound Vaginal Cream

Formula # 9910 Hyaluronic Acid Sodium 5 mg Compound Base MBK Vaginal Suppository (Medium Shell Mold)

Formula # 5314 Estriol 0.05% Vaginal Cream

Formula # 10623 Estriol 0.1% Vaginal Cream

Formula # 9994 Estriol 0.5 mg Base MBK Vaginal Suppository (Medium Shell Mold)

Formula # 2264 Estradiol 0.01% Vaginal Cream

Formula # 8988 Vitamin E 200 u/mL Vaginal Cream

Formula # 8990 Vitamin E 200 IU Base MBK Vaginal Suppository (Large Shell Mold)



Vaginal Lubricants

Formula # 10590 Glycerin 15%/Vitamin E Acetate 0.2% Vaginal Gel

Formula # 9953 Glycerin/Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides Base MBK

Suppository (Small Shell Mold)

Formula # 0341 Simulated Vaginal Mucous

Formula # 2096 Vaginal Moisturizer




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