Why Use Our Products for Pain Management?

We know that the right medicine can change someone’s life and for decades we have been delivering that promise with our professionally compounded medicines. Our Pharmacists Build strong relationships with patients and medical providers to complete the treatment circle and provide the best health care possible.


Comply with standards set by United States Pharmacopeia (USP)o American Society of Health Systemo Board of Pharmacy. We use quality raw materials that meet or exceed USP standards. At Ideal we test products internally and send samples to an independent laboratory for testing and review each prescription numerous times during preparation as part of our rigorous operating procedures. Ideal Pharmacy guarantees the reliability of its compounded medicines for safety, stability and potency.



Potential Advantages ofTransdermal Delivery

May lead to fewer side effects

• Can produce a more localized action

• May initiate a faster onset of action

• High drug concentration in tissue thatrequires analgesia

Key to Positive Outcomes

• Multiple ingredients with complimentarymodes of action

• Penetration enhancing base

• Patient compliance

Topical Pain Management Medicine

Pain management is a patient focused practice. It is partially based on a practioners ability to assess, diagnose and treat a patient, with the expectation of curing or relieving the underlying cause of pain. Most importantly the goal is to increase a patients quality of life, and ability to carry on normal daily activities.

Your physician has prescribed a topical compounded prescription to help alleviate and control your pain symptoms. The cream preparation you will apply is a tailor made pharmaceutical formulation made of various prescription drugs. The combination of these drugs at specific concentrations can help alleviate and control some of the most severe pains.

The topical cream formulation you have been prescribed contains medication that can help with inflammation, nerve pain, loss of sensation or feeling, muscle stiffness, and general pain felt anywhere on your body. At specific concentrations these medicines can be very effective when applied topically. Many medicines or pharmaceuticals can cause a patient to experience some potential side effects. When prescribing a pharmaceutical to a patient the practitioner must evaluate whether the potential benefit of pain relief from a particular treatment outweighs any potential side effect to the patient. 

Topical cream formulations have many benefits. The cream is made of a special base that increases transdermal absorption through various layers of your skin. The ability of the cream base to allow penetration of medicine through the skin increases the chance of pain relief at a specific area. This alleviates the need of having to ingest a pain medicine in order to get pain relief, foregoing the possibility of side effects on your GI tract or central nervous system, which are two very common side effects with pain medication.

Oral ingestion of pain medications have to first pass the GI tract in order for blood absorption to take place. The breakdown of certain medications in your GI tract may lead to potential side effects. Patients taking chronic NSAID’s like ibuprofen, diclofenac, and naproxen can lead to gastric ulcers and bleeding of the GI tract. Patients being prescribed muscle relaxers like cyclobenzaprine, baclofen, Skelaxin, or carisoprodol may experience a great deal of central nervous system (CNS) depression. CNS depression may lead to drowsiness, fatigue and lethargy. CNS depression is somewhat a contradiction to the goal of pain management medicine. If the goal is to increase a patients quality of life by allowing them to carry on normal daily activities, than feeling lethargic and fatigued may in fact prohibit that goal. The use of opiates like Oxycontin, Roxicodone, codeine, and hydrocodone carry with them the potential for greater side effects. 

Opiates are the most powerful pain treatment medications available. Although powerful and effective, CNS depression is more common. A high potential from chemical addiction exists because of their powerful binding power to our bodies receptors giving patients pain relief and a sense of euphoria. The rate of prescription drug addiction and abuse to opiates, and muscle relaxers is increasing across the United States. Our ability to compound topical cream formulations may have the same powerful pain relief of oral ingested medications without the potential for abuse.

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